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who we are
who we are

MODO Associados Arquitectura + Engenharia (MODO Architects & Engineers Associates) started a decade ago in the city of Abrantes. Six years later moved to the village of Sardoal, where today occupies an office whose refurbishment was designed by its architects.

The positioning of the company can not be dissociated from its strategic location in the Centre of Portugal. This is an important part of their identity. For 10 years, MODO Associates has been a place of action and architectural thinking, emanating from the heart of Portugal. Those 10 years were of intense production and innovation, especially in the region of Middle Tagus.

The ambition is to make a difference in the interior of Portugal, not restricted to just their core business of architectutal and design. MODO Associates aims to contribute in public discussion with an ambitious vision in a low density area.  With hight levels of resilience, regeneration and citizenship, MODO Associates has a clear mission of:

  • a way of being a resource in the development of our region;
  • a way to promote urban action and closeness to local authorities and entities;
  • a way to value the importance of thought through architecture;
  • a way of dialogue close to, and in, the places where we live;
  • a way of showing vision to the country and the region;
  • a way to build reality from ideas in a creative space.